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Meeting Topics

  • 2020 (Orlando, FL - VMX Conference)
  1. Ethical Issues and Dilemmas Driven by the Cost of Educating Veterinarians
  2. Ethical Advice on Dietary Recommendations in the Shadow of DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy)
  3. Ethical Issues & Dilemmas Encountered by Techs
  4. Moral Stress and NOMV Issues: Peer Support in Vet Med
  5. Ethical Televeterinary Practice
  • 2019 (Orlando, FL - VMX Conference)
  1. Do Publication Review System Issues Affect Practice?
  2. Are We obligated to Help Clients Prepare for Expenses?
  3. Value Conficts Surrounding Expanded Access to Veterinary Care
  4. Veterinary Ethical Issues in the Digital Age
  5. Dilemmas of Televeterinary Practice
  6. End of Life Ethics Fatigue & Ethics Exhaustion: When Your Sense of Right is Wronged
  • 2018 (Orlando, FL - VMX Conference)
  1. Moral Distress in the Veterinary Profession
  2. Convenience Euthanasia in Small Animals
  3. Ethical Consideration of Horse Slaughter
  4. Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Small Animals
  5. Ethical Struggles that Veterinary Technicians/Veterinary Nurses Encounter
  6. The Necessity of Ethical Discourse on Social Media and Veterinary Internet Forum
  • 2017 (Orlando, FL - NAVC Conference)
  1. Definitions of Pet Owner and How It Messes up the Value of Microchipping Animals 
  2. When Is It Too Much Surgery?
  3. Part 1 - Tiger the Cat and Kristen Lindsey
    Part 2 - The Necessity of Ethical Discourse in Social Media
  • 2015 (Boston, MA)

Topic: Practice Management and Professional Development: Ethics

  1. Ethical and Legal Dilemmas Associated with Microchips and Lost pets
  2. Ethical Considerations when Screening Healthy Populations
  3. Ethical Imperative to use Scientific Literature in Clinical Practice
  4. Drug Testing in the Veterinary Workplace: It's Time for a Conversation
  5. The Indigent Client
  6. Ethical Opportunities for Veterinarians, Part I
  7. Ethical Opportunities for Veterinarians, Part II
  8. The Principles of Competition Horse Medication Ethics
  9. The Ethics of Alternative Medicine
  10. Is Euthanasia an Ethical Answer to Animal Homelessness?
  11. (Hot Topics) Ethics of Veterinary Journal Editing
  • 2014 (Denver, CO)

Topic: Ethics Plenary Sessions

  1. Conflict of Interest: A Question of Loyalty
  2. Facing Veterinary Education and Post-Education Realistically
  3. Ethical Issues with Oversupply of Veterinarians, Part I
  4. Ethical Issues with Oversupply of Veterinarians, Part II
  5. Animal Abuse: Can We Get the Science, Ethics and Legal System on the Same Page?
  6. The Ethics of End-of-Life Care Decision-Making
  • 2013 (Chicago, IL)

Topic: Unwanted Horse Forum

  1. Unwanted Horse Panel Discussion
  2. The "Unwanted Horse" - A Modest Proposal
  3. Good Breeders vs. Puppy Mills
  4. SVME Guidelines for Clinical Research in Private Practice
  5. The Future of Veterinary Ethics in Veterinary Teaching Facilities
  • 2012 (San Diego, CA)

Topic:   From Controversy to Consensus

  1. Ethics & Aging Science
  2. Ethical Marketing
  3. Pet Keeping & Breed Bans
  4. How to Gain Consensus
  5. Ethics of Death Hoarding
  6. Top 10 Controversies to Consensus
  7. Moral Stress as Pets Decline Ethics & Euthanasia Dilemmas
  • 2011 (St. Louis, MO)   

Topic:   From Controversy to Consensus: Impact of Public Opinion/Social Ethics on V.M.

  1. Equine Ethics
  2. Are Veterinarians Obligated to Provide Palliative Care?
  3. Companion Animals in Clinical Trials and Research
  4. Round Table Discussion:  Palliative and Hospice Care
  5. Ethics, Politics, Honesty, Economics, Openness, Collegiality, Responsibility and Leadership in the VIN community
  6. Declaw, Devoicing, Desexing & Student Issues
  7. Does the Pay or Kill Policy Drive Over Charging & Over Treatment?
  • 2009 (Seattle, WA)

Topic:  State/Provincial Licensing Bodies: Thoughtful Public Protection or Kangaroo Courts?

1.    A Practitioner’s Viewpoint of Licensing Bodies and their Relationship with other National Veterinary Associations
2.    Ethical Concerns of the Specialist on a State/Provincial Board
3.    Facts and Myths about State/Provincial Licensing Bodies
4.    Balancing Regulatory and Professional Responsibility within one Provincial Association
5.    State/Provincial Licensing Body "Kangaroo Court or Thoughtful Public Protection"?
6.    Anatomy of a State/Provincial Hearing: "Good, Bad and the Ugly"

  • 2008 (New Orleans, LA)

     Topic: Incentive Pay Plans for Veterinarians; Do They Work and are They Here to Stay?"

  1. The Ethics of Using Incentive Pay Plans to Reward Clinical Veterinarians
  2. Cloning In Veterinary Medicine
  3. Stem Cell Research
  4. How the AVMA Animal Welfare Division and Animal Welfare Committee Identify and Come to Conclusions on Specific Issues
  5. The New Face of Animal Research
  6. When the Law and Ethics Collide
  7. Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association
  8. Shomer Award 


  • 2007 (Washington, D.C.)

     Topic: New Ethical Directions in The Veterinary Profession

  1. Ethical Conflicts Between General Practitioners and Specialists
  2. Ethical Conundrums Arising From Over Treatment of Animals with Poor Prognosis
  3. Cases of Ethical Consternation at a Veterinary Referral Hospital
  4. Preventing Over Treatment at a Veterinary Cancer Referral Clinic
  5. Ethical Decision Making at Times of Owner - Veterinarian Conflict


  • 2006 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

     Topic: New Ethical Directions in The Veterinary Profession

  1. The Veterinarian’s Oath:  A Critical Review
  2. Professionalism, Collegiality, and Etiquette:  A Historical Perspective
  3. Latest  Animal Welfare, and Ethical Issues on the West Coast
  4. Inability to Pay For The Cost Of Caring:  An Ethicist’s Point of View
  5. Ethical Practice Management Issues Involved When Clients Can’t Afford The Cost of Care
  6. Do Good, Do Well:  A Practitioner’s Experience, in a “Poor” Part of Town
  7. Legal Issues involved With Client’s Inability to Pay For the Cost of Caring

Shomer Award


  • 2005 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

     Topic 1: Ethical dilemmas in production animal agriculture

  1. An Ethicist View of Ethical Dilemmas in Production Animal Agriculture
  2. A Veterinarian's view of Ethical dilemmas in Production Animal Agriculture I: Ruminants
  3. A Veterinarian's view of Ethical dilemmas in Production Animal Agriculture II: Swine

     Topic 2: The Veterinarian's role in the Ethical dilemmas related to all creatures great and small

  1. Ethical Dilemmas Associated with Iatrogenic Diseases
  2. Oncology and Ethics
  3. What Are Our Obligations to Wild Creatures?

Shomer Award


  • 2004 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

     Topic 1: Ethics and ownership/guardianship

                   Part I: $250K in Emotional Distress Damages for the Loss of a Pet

                   Part II: Animal Ownership vs Animal Guardianship


     Topic 2: Ethics and Animal Welfare

              Part I: Understanding Animal Welfare: Science in a Cultural Context

              Part II: Animal Welfare and Swine Production: Incentives for Changes


  • 2003 (Denver, Colorado)

     Topic 1: Ethics and the Human Animal Bond

Part I: Working with the Weakest Link: Should the Strength of the Human Animal Bond Affect the Way you Practice?

                   Part II: Is Marketing the 'Bond' Morally Reprehensible?


     Topic 2: Ethics and Cancer

              Part I: Ethics of Cancer Therapy

              Part II: Compassionate Cancer Therapy


  • 2002 (Nashville, Tennessee)

     Topic 1: Contemporary Issues in Veterinary Ethics

              Part I: Ethics, Evidence and Medicine: The Ethical Challenge Inherent in the

                            Emerging Phenomenon of Alternative Medicine.

              Part II: The Ethics of Critical Care.


     Topic 2: The role of Pharmacist and the Pharmacy in Veterinary Care

               Part I: The Role of Mortar and Pestle versus Brick, Mortar or Ethers.

              Part II: Reflections by Industry and Internet Providers


  • 2001 (Boston, Massachusset)

     Topic 1: What is a Profession?
          What are the Ethical Foundations of the Veterinary Profession?

     Topic 2:  Legal Considerations in Veterinary Telemedicine, Parts I & II
          Ethical Considerations in Online Veterinary Services

  • 2000 (Salt Lake City, Utah) 

     Topic 1: Ethical Relationships between Veterinarians and Humane Organizations 
          (with Panel Discussion)

     Topic 2:  Ethical Issues in a Large Corporate Practice (with Panel Discussion)


  • 1999  (New Orleans, Louisiana) 


    Topic 1:  Moral and Ethical Issues Facing New Graduates
    Topic 2:  Ethics of Animal Rights
  1. Veterinary Medicine and the Animal Rights Movement
  2. Animal Rights, Ethics and Veterinary Ethics
  3. Veterinary Ethics and Regulations in Animal Care and Use


  • 1998 (Baltimore, Maryland)

Topic 1: You Gotta Serve Somebody: Ethical Issues in Veterinary Practice

Topic 2: Veterinary Ethics: A View from the Licensing Board


  • 1997 (Reno, Nevada)
    Educating Veterinary Students, Veterinarians, and the Public About Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, and the Animal Rights Movement


  • 1996 (Louisville, Kentucky)

     Topic 1: Ethical Issues in Companion Animal Ownership

     Topic 2: Issues Raised by Veterinary Specialization

  • 1995 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

     Topic 1: Ethics of Species Specialization in Equine Practice

     Topic 2: Ethics of Discipline Specialization in a Multi-Person Veterinary Hospital

     Topic 3: Convenience Euthanasia

  • 1994 (San Francisco, California)
The Ethics of Animal Research

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