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The Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics


The Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics was founded in 1994 by a group of veterinarians, biomedical researchers and academics to promote discussion and debate about ethical issues arising in and relevant to veterinary practice.

The major objectives of the SVME are:
  • to encourage ethical practices and professional behavior of veterinarians in all aspects of the profession
  • to increase the understanding of the philosophical, social, moral and ethical values encountered by the veterinary profession
  • to sponsor seminars and other presentations on ethics and values at local, state, regional and national meetings of veterinarians and other interested individuals
  • to promote the teaching of ethical and value issues at colleges of veterinary medicine and to identify speakers on these subjects
  • to encourage persons from other professions and disciplines - such as biomedical research, medicine, law, political science, philosophy and theology - to engage in cross-disciplinary discussions and studies of these issues
  • to exchange information about veterinary ethical issues via bulletins, periodicals and newsletters
  • to maintain archives of appropriate documents and materials related to these disciplines.

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Featured Member

Ethics IN Veterinary Practice - Balancing Conflict Interest
- Barry Kipperman and Bernard E. Rollin

An incisive examination of relevant and contemporary ethical issues facing veterinary practitioners, students, instructors, and animal researchers. 

In Ethics in Veterinary Practice: Balancing Conflicting Interests, a team of distinguished scholars delivers a foundational exploration of animal ethics and a guide to examining contemporary issues and dilemmas that arise regularly in veterinary practice. The book offers comprehensive, quickly accessible, and up-to-date information on veterinary ethics with content devoted to unique issues by practice type.

The authors offer a primary resource for veterinary ethics useful for veterinarians, faculty, instructors, senior undergraduates, and veterinary students that focuses on recognizing and addressing real-life ethical dilemmas and relevant philosophical discussions about the moral status of animals, animal rights, and interests.  To read more or to purchase click here.

Learn more about the SVME Basic Ethics course: Click here

Applied Animal Ethics, Second Revised Edition - Dr. Leland S. Shapiro

To purchase, click here.

This comprehensive book covers the ethical issues involved in using animals for research, food production, sports, entertainment, education and as companions. Although the theoretical aspects of animal ethics are presented, the focus of the book is the application of ethics to real-life situations. A balanced presentation of animal rights and animal welfare viewpoints is provided. Review and discussion questions help readers develop their critical-thinking skills. Case studies provide the opportunity to consider real-world ethical issues and how they can be resolved.

All proceeds support the efforts of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics.

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