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Basic Veterinary Medical Ethics Course

The SVME Board of Directors approved of creating an on line CE course on Basic Veterinary Medical Ethics in 2010. It is intended as a resource offered to veterinary ethics educators, veterinary students, practicing veterinarians and  paraprofessionals who are involved or interested in animal ethics. 

An SVME Certificate of Completion is given to individuals finishing the course. 

This course is dedicated to the late  John McCarthy, DVM, Ph.D. for his visionary effort to initiate this body of work for on line access. The SVME recognizes and thanks all CE Committee Members: J. McCarthy,  J. Peralta, A. Villalobos, L. Shapiro, D. Lawler, E. Danneman, D. Levitan, M.J. White, W. Koch, B. Rollin.

The SVME offers this Basic Veterinary Medical Ethics Course to guide and encourage discussion and understanding of animal ethics and bioethics. 

The Course is RACE approved for 17 CE credits and is opened for registration to SVME members.  


    • June 01, 2022
    • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Join us on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 5:00 pm Pacific/8:00 pm Eastern

    June's Speaker is Dr. Lynn Bahr

    Indoor Cats

    About our Session:

    There are many myths our culture perpetuates about domestic cats: they live longer indoors, sleep all day, are easy and low-maintenance pets, and can’t be trained. Even the most well-meaning kitty caregiver will be surprised to learn that these long held beliefs aren’t necessarily based on facts but instead reflect the many ways we have adapted our feline friends to our indoor lifestyle. We have unwittingly created a new breed of cat, felis interius, that lives exclusively indoors, breathes climate-controlled air, is meal fed an artificial diet in one location, is spayed/neutered at an early age, has limited maternal upbringing, uses a box for urination and defecation and is totally dependent upon people. INDOOR CAT by Laura J. Moss, journalist and founder of Adventure Cats, and Lynn Bahr, a feline-only veterinarian, explores how and why felis interius came to be, helping cat owners understand a cat’s perspective of their indoor homes. It offers practical ways to enhance cats lives and combat countless health and behavioral problems that result from exclusively indoor living. It will also take a look at the future of this new species and raise the question that no one is asking: Should every cat live exclusively indoors?

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