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The Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics

About SVME

The Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics was founded in 1994 by a group of veterinarians, biomedical researchers and academics to promote discussion and debate about ethical issues arising in and relevant to veterinary practice.

Current membership includes:
  • Veterinary school ethics instructors and deans
  • AVMA officers
  • State veterinary medical association officers
  • Board-certified laboratory animal medicine specialists
  • Biomedical specialists
  • Philosophers and Ethicists
  • Animal Welfare Specialists
  • Attorneys interested in veterinary medical ethics and animal ethics
  • Humane society officers
  • Clinical veterinary practitioners
  • Veterinary school and university faculty
  • Veterinary-oriented students
  • Veterinary paraprofessionals

The SVME has an active listerv, publishes a newsletter, holds plenary sessions with lectures and forums at the VMX annual convention and distributes information about recent relevant veterinary-ethics publications. 

The SVME actively seeks to increase the knowledge and discussion of issues in veterinary ethics via the forum of the VETETHICS Listserv. The Listerv is monitored by members of the Editorial Review Committee to assure that a high standard of etiquette prevails during the discussion and debate of ehtical issues which may have inherent polarity.

A CE course in Basic Veterinary Medical Ethics for veterinarians and paraprofessionals is open for registration via the Events page. Registrants are required to have current standing as SVME members (student memberships are free). An SVME Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Although most SVME members are veterinarians, membership is not limited exclusively to veterinarians. SVME encourages all professionals who are interested in animal ethics and bioethics to apply for membership. The SVME welcomes interprofessional dialouge.

We are available on Facebook at and "Like" the SVME! 

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Office: 202.449.9552

1750 K Street, NW, STE 700
Washington, DC 20006

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