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Introducing the SVME Televeterinary Coalition

Updated 5/1/19

The SVME is exploring the feasibility of offering ethical certification for Televeterinary Practice. The premise is that this new type of veterinary service is inherently global since telecommunications immediately crosses state and national boundaries. This represents an opportunity for the profession to regulate itself in this new area of veterinary practice. 

The purpose of this webpage is to offer a public forum to discuss if this plan is feasible and if so, how to go about it. All veterinary stakeholders are invited to have input to the "Televeterinary Coalition." Veterinary organizations can designate a representative, or any individual is invited to express an opinion. 

Ethical standards input from members of any US state veterinary board or national regulatory agency outside the US are particularly valued so that these guidelines assist them in their important duties regulating veterinary services. Only government sanctioned veterinary boards have the power to suspend or revoke a license to practice while the SVME has only the power to regulate who is a member of SVME and who is certified to purchase SVME Televeterinary Professional Liability Insurance.

There is a separate, much smaller group of SVME members that will consider all the public input and will be charged with producing specific televeterinary guidelines. The current plan is to certify qualified applicants who then are eligible for $1 mil in professional liability coverage if following the Ethical Televeterinary Guidelines. Click HERE for more information.

Rolan Tripp, DVM
SVME President-elect
Chair, SVME Televeterinary Coalition

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